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Outwitting Squirrels Squirrels elucidate feelings of love or hate in most people. Squirrels can cause havoc to your backyard garden and bird feeding regimen. An infestation of your garden by squirrels scares birds away and denies birds access to food. Their determination can result in major property damage and during their breeding season, extreme noise. As they are gnawers by nature, they require constant access to food to maintain, sharpen, and trim incessantly growing incisors. Due to their need to constantly feed, squirrels can be intelligent, insatiable, and difficult to deter. Using traps to control their activity is usually frustrating as they can leap distances of over 8 feet and scale steel poles. With phenomenal balancing ability, they can effortlessly evade lengths of thin trap wires. An ability to dig hiding places and swim across water obstacles extremely affects your ability to protect bird feeders. Often, instituting controls against squirrels is a critical challenge to many people. What can you do to distract squirrels away from bird feeders? You can use the measures outlined in this article for deterrence. You could consider employing a variety of methods to eradicate the squirrel menace. The second option would be to build squirrel feeders to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Where the squirrel population proves uncontrollable, you can seek help from pest control services. Research online or consult your local directory to find out whom to contact.
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If you have decided to use the first method, the following suggestions may be helpful. Acquire squirrel proof bird feeders and place them away from any trees or branches and hang them 10 feet high. Prior to buying squirrel proof feeders, pay attention to their consequences. Some squirrel proof brands have lifetime guarantees, but fail to protect bird feed from squirrels.
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Using mesh guards placed over tube feeders can help in preventing squirrels access to bird feed. Mesh guards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific bird feeder you need to protect. A weight activated squirrel proof feeder is the most effective as it closes feeding ports once a squirrel lands on it. A revolving motorized system on weight activated feeders denies squirrels the chance to consume bird food. Repetitive failure in accessing bird feed results in squirrels abandoning all future attempts. Additionally, you can use squirrel domes or baffles to restrict access to hanging bird feeders. Try greasing feeder poles or use squirrel slinkies to prevent squirrels from scaling poles. You should also consider ground feeding your birds. Do not hang your bird feeders up. Use feed guardians to protect feeding trays when ground feeding your birds. Using feeding guardians with the smallest meshes prevents squirrels from accessing bird food.